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Hosting Oktoberfest in Los Angeles Since 1968


Alpine Village is the home of the oldest Oktoberfest celebration in Southern California. Ours is the longest running Oktoberfest in Los Angeles. Traditional Bavarian fun is supplied by Oom Pah Pah party bands, your belly is sated by traditional German fare, and your thirst is quenched by delicious German beers brewed by Warsteiner. We deliver an authentic-yet-modern Oktoberfest to you each and every year…and all within 10 miles of Southern California’s beautiful beaches. Join us for Oktoberfest 2016!


  • Fridays: 6:00 PM to midnight 
  • Saturdays: 5:00 PM to midnight 
  • Sundays:  1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Friday & Saturday: 21+
Sunday: All Ages
Tickets are non-refundable
For more info, see our FAQs.

*After Party available on most nights. See schedule below.

Ticket Type


GENERAL ADMISSION tickets are pre-sold online and also available at the door. We have a limited amount of tickets available online. When you buy your tickets online, you can bypass the door sales line and go directly to our Online Sales gate. In most cases, you will have little to no wait before 7:00pm. From 7:00pm and on, you may have to wait a little bit but not nearly as long as those who are in the door sales line. The longest our Online Ticket holders have had to wait is approximately 30 minutes during peak hours on peak nights. Advanced ticket sales close 11:59pm the day prior to the event, but we also sell the majority of tickets right at the gate!


DINE, STEIN, NO LINE! tickets are very limited, with a maximum of 200 per night.  The package includes:

  • FRONT-OF-LINE ADMISSION: No standing in line for entry into the tent. After dinner, you get escorted straight to the front no matter how many people are in line for the event! Front-of-line privileges are only offered with the Front-of-Line Package (does not apply to beer lines inside of the tent).
  • DINNER AT THE STEINHAUS RESTAURANT: For dinner, choose from any 1 meal from our Steinhaus menu (excluding steak and seafood dishes). Please arrive before 9PM
  • COMMEMORATIVE CERAMIC STEIN AND A LITER OF BEER: Your own 2016 Alpine Village Oktoberfest ceramic stein filled with one LITER of Warsteiner Pilsner, Oktoberfest or Dunkel beer with your dinner at the Steinhaus Restaurant before you head to the tent. G’SUFFA!

The Alpine Village seeks to encourage responsible drinking in all of its business units. This designated driver program is part of the plan to encourage our patrons to plan for a safe, sober ride home after the event. Designated drivers can purchase special tickets online or at the gate for which they receive complimentary non-alcoholic beverages. The designated drivers must agree to the following:

  • They will not consume any alcoholic beverage at or immediately before the event. If they do so, they will be asked to leave the event.
  • They must have a valid drivers license and present the drivers license at the entrance
  • They certify that they are driving home at least one other person who is attending the event
  • Designated driver tickets are non-transferrable

Designated drivers will be identified by a special wristband. They will be given the wristband at the entrance gate once they have demonstrated to Alpine staff that they have a valid drivers license and are not under the influence at the time of entry. Admission prices vary by date  – click on “Find Tickets” in the ticketing table for entry fee.

After Party at Steinhaus Restaurant


On Friday and Saturday nights, the big tent closes down at midnight. However, the merriment continues at the Alpine Steinhaus Restaurant. There is no cover charge to patrons who paid admission for the big tent.* In the restaurant, you will be entertained by the Oom-pah Rock sounds of The alpine Village Allstar Oompah Band!  Enjoy our Ofest $5.00 buffet. Last call at the bar is 1:30AM.





We have several special events planned for this year’s edition of Oktoberfest, Check it out!


FRI 10.28 – OktoberBEAST – Halloween Theme Night
SAT 10.29 – FINAL OKTOBERFEST NIGHT/ Halloween Theme Night
SUN 10.30 – Latinofest in the Oktoberfest tent with Mariachi Divas CLICK HERE FOR EVENT INFO & TICKETS

VIP RESERVATIONS (for Groups of 20)



Each 2016 Oktoberfest VIP Table Package includes:

Front of admission line Privilege outside the tent
20 Wrist bands for the VIP reserved seating area at a table in front of the stage
2 In-and-out of tent wrist-bands for Event Coordinators
20 Ceramic Commemorative 2016 liter beer steins
40 drink vouchers for use inside the tent (for ONE 16oz beer or ONE 12oz craft beer or ONE 10oz wine or ONE 12oz soft drink)
20 in-tent meal vouchers (for ONE entrée and one side)
VIP Beer and Food line Privilege inside the tent

Each table = $1,500 with a maximum of 20 people per table (equivalent to $75 each for 20 people). Only 4tables are available in the VIP area per night. Note that VIP areas are for Friday and Saturday only.  (VIP tables are always sold in groups of 20- we do not sell to groups smaller than 20.)

Complete the form below if you would like to reserve a table in the VIP Area and include the date(s) you would like to book. We’ll get back to you with more details…



Sing & Dance with our Oom Pah Pah Bands!

Oktoberfest Beer and Wine

A feast would not be complete without an ice cold stein of German beer. We are featuring Warsteiner beers, one of the most popular beers in Germany.


  • WARSTEINER Oktoberfest – smooth and delicious!
  • WARSTEINER Pilsner
  • Konig Ludwig Hefeweisen
  • Ace Cider
  • Selection of Wine – Zinfandel or Chardonnay


This year guests can enjoy premium WARSTEINER beer from Germany as well as some local craft brews. You’ll find a variety of fine wines, ciders and craft brew at the Craft Beer & Wine Bar where the selection changes every week. Last but not least, we have different Tap Takeovers scheduled throughout Oktoberfest!


Stone Brewing, Firestone Walker, Hanger 24, Mother Earth, Schofferhofferand more!

Oktoberfest FOOD

Come with your appetites and feast on a selection of delectable treats! Our menu features handcrafted sausages from the Alpine Market.

MENU 2016

Sausage Sandwich 
1/3 lb. sausage on a bun with 1 topping (sauerkraut or onions/peppers)
Choose from Bratwurst, Polish or Chicken

Oktoberfest Tri-tip Sandwich
w/peppers and onions/pepper jack cheese
Choice of one side

Herb-baked Chicken
¼ chicken served with choice of 2 sides

Giant Pretzels 
Served hot from the oven!

Deep Fried Pickles
Dipped in beer batter/served with 2 dipping sauces

Side Dishes 
Sauerkraut, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, German Fried Potatoes, crispy French fries

Bavarian Churros Churro w/Bavarian cream
Apple Cinnamon Strudel turnovers
Funnel Cakes with Strawberry/Whipped Cream topping

Beer: Warsteiner Oktoberfest, Dunkel, Pilsner; Ace Cider pineapple/berry, Craft Beer-Stone, Firestone, Hangar 24, Mother Earth
Wine: Zinfandel, Chardonnay
Soda: Real Coke, Diet Coke, 7 up
Water: Bottle, 12 oz.

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Zicke Zacke, Zicke Zacke, Hoi Hoi Hoi!

Origins of Oktoberfest

The Oktoberfest celebration began with a royal marriage. Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen on October 12, 1810 and Bavarians did what Bavarians are wont to do: they threw a party! That original celebration turned out so wunderbar that the Bavarians decided to do it again, and again, again. The folk festival expanded into two-and-a-half week long party that brings 7 million visitors to Munich every year. The 2010 celebration was the 200th anniversary of the original Oktoberfest and mini-festivals have been recreated throughout the world and we do our best to pay homage to the tradition of the event, incorporate the modern fun the people of Munich bring to the event, and mix in a small amount of California flair. Whether you’ve been to Munich or not, Alpine Village throws the Best Fest in the West and our  Oktoberfest celebration in Los Angeles is not to be missed.

Alpine Village Celebration in Los Angeles – Oktoberfest 2015

Oktoberfest 2015 is first and foremost a celebration of Gemütlichkeit, taking joy in the community. On Friday and Saturday nights we open our doors at 6pm and 5pm respectively. Oktoberfest revelers come in, greet their friends, grab a meal and listen to the music. At 6:30, Festmeister Hans welcomes the crowd and introduces us to their band for the evening. And then the Oom Pah begins! We start the evening off with traditional songs from the Fatherland and slowly work in modern Oktoberfest classics. The star of the show, the CHICKEN DANCE commences each hour on the hour and is immediately followed by one of our contests such as DAS BOOT and the stein holding contest. At 8pm we unveil our special guest, German zuperstar Heino!, who hosts our contests, leads the crowd in a rousing round of prosts and tantalizes the ladies with his high polyester fashion and albino good looks. From 8pm to midnight the party is non-stop and continues after the tent shuts down at the Oktoberfest After Party hosted in the Alpine Restaurant. For an insider point-of-view on the big celebration, be sure to check out our blog posts on Oktoberfest.


Each year we spend months planning every minute of every hour at Oktoberfest. From musicians to dancers, we have a talented crew that will entertain and delight the crowds. Of course, the stars of the show are the 12-piece Oom Pah bands we fly direct from Germany – they are the heart and soul of the fun!

  • Hosted by Festmeister Hans & Gretel
  • Die Böhmische Strassenmusikanten – Oom Pah band direct from Germany (Sep 9 to Oct 2)
  •  Die Aalbachtaler – Oom Pah Band direct from Germany (Oct 7 to Oct 29)
  • Steinhaus Restaurant and Beerhall After-Party with the Alpine All-Star Oom-pah Band!
  • The World Famous O-girls!


Guests can revel in several activities every night:

  • Shunklen
  • Chicken dancing
  • Stein holding contest
  • Das Boot
  • Group contest – Saturday only
  • Interactive songs like Fleigerleid, Cowboy und Indianer
  • And more!
Gemütlichkeit is in the air!


Each year The Alpine Village celebrates Oktoberfest by supporting charities through ticket donations. Charities can sell the tickets as a fundraiser or as a team-building reward to their staff, volunteers and donors. We are happy to report that participating charities raised over $40,000 in 2014, and we are hoping to exceed that total this year. Our unofficial motto is, “Revelry, charity and gemuchlichkeit for all!.” If you are a charitable organization looking for a FUNraising event, please complete the contact form for more information.


Sponsors enable us to continue building a unique experience we’ve spent nearly 50 years perfecting – an event unparalleled by any venue in the L.A. area.  If you are interested in participating this year, please complete the form to the right.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

  • 10×10 exhibitor space
  • Promotional giveaways
  • Sweepstakes prizes
  • Contest sponsorship
  • VIP area sponsorship
  • Media sponsorship


For media inquiries, please complete the form. Include your phone number and the publication or channel you represent and one of our team members will get back to you within a day.


Complete the contact form below to receive more information about charities, sponsorships or media, and a representative will get back to you within 1 day (2 days max during peak periods).

Gemütlichkeit is in the air!


Whether you are visiting Los Angeles from out of town or simply looking for lodging close to Oktoberfest, there are several hotels conveniently nearby Alpine Village. The nearest hotel is the Holiday Inn, which is located less than 1 mile from our venue.

Holiday Inn
19800 S Vermont Ave
Torrance, CA 90502
Phone: ‎855-239-9227‎
Book Reservation Online

Frequently Asked Questions

IF ONLINE TICKET SALES ARE SOLD OUT, ARE TICKETS STILL AVAILABLE AT THE DOOR? Yes, we only reserve a certain amount of tickets for online purchase and the rest are sold at the door. You may purchase tickets at the box office the day of the event. However, please note that customers purchasing tickets at the door may experience longer wait times, especially on peak nights.

IF I BUY A TICKET AT THE DOOR BEFORE THE EVENT STARTS, DO I STILL HAVE TO WAIT IN LINE? Yes, you still have to wait in line. Only online ticket holders can check in at the front gate (there may a short wait for online ticket holders on peak nights).

CAN I BRING GLASSWARE INTO THE TENT? Due to safety concerns, no glass will be allowed inside the tent on Friday and Saturday night. Thank you for your cooperation!

WHAT DRINKING VESSELS AM I ALLOWED TO BRING INSIDE THE TENT? You can bring your own cup, stein, vase, tupperware or other drinking vessel to Oktoberfest as long as it doesn’t shard (like glass) and/or doesn’t have high potential to break into sharp pieces. Please note that at Oktoberfest we will not fill your stein directly. We sell our bier in 16 oz. sizes and you can then pour the bier into your chosen drinking vessel.

CAN I LEAVE THE EVENT AND RE-ENTER? No, unfortunately there are no in-and-out privileges. Once you enter Oktoberfest you may not leave and re-enter. This necessary policy helps us control crowds and safety in the event and there are no exceptions. Please leave any personal items you may not want in your vehicle and please arrange to meet your friends inside the event.

CAN I RESERVE A TABLE IN THE TENT? Group VIP admission ticket holders may reserve tables in the tent, but these tables are limited. The Alpine Village does not reserve tables at Oktoberfest for Front-of-Line and General Admission ticket holders. Table space can be claimed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

DO YOU ACCEPT COUPONS?  Alpine Village has very limited coupons, and those that there are will always be in a reputable newspaper (Daily Breeze,  Easy Reader or LA WEEKLY.) DO NOT PURCHASE A COUPON FROM A COUNTERFEITER OR SCALPER. The coupon you bought will NOT be honored.

WHAT ARE THE AGE RESTRICTIONS? Sunday is an all-ages event; On Friday and Saturday you must be 21 years or older to enter Oktoberfest. All valid ID’s are accepted provided we can read them and verify their authenticity.

HOW MUCH IS THE PARKING FEE? Parking is completely FREE though it is impacted. Arrive early for easy parking and, please, be kind to your fellow revelers and respect the surrounding neighborhood. Always have a designated driver (Discount DD tickets are available.) Uber and Lyft and Taxis are highly advisable.