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Oktoberfest 2013!

Alpine Village is the home of the oldest and largest Oktoberfest celebration in Southern California. Traditional Bavarian fun is supplied by Oom Pah Pah big bands flown in direct from Germany, your belly is sated by traditional German fare, and your thirst is quenched by delicious German beers. We deliver an authentic Oktoberfest to you each and every year…and all within 10 miles of Southern California’s beautiful beaches!

This year’s Oktoberfest will be held every Friday and Saturday night between September 13 and October 27 and on Sunday afternoons from September 15 through October 27. Our bier sponsors for the event are Warsteiner and Konig Ludwig who produce some of the finest brews the old world has to offer. This year the Alpine Village will hold German American Day in association with the German American League of Southern California on Sunday, September 8. German American Day ticket proceeds go to support the member organizations of the League and admission is free for this Sunday only. Admission to regular Oktoberfest Sundays is $5.

Event times are:

  • Friday: 6PM to midnight
  • Saturday: 6PM to midnight
  • Sunday: 1PM until 6PM

Friday and Saturday nights are louder and geared for adults; Sundays are family days with kiddie jumpers, sweet treats and games.  EVERY day is full of Oom-pah-pah music, contests, sing-a-longs, bier prosting and of course the chicken dance.

Oktoberfest Fridays and Saturdays are hosted by a tribute to the “Voice of Germany”, Heino!, and the fabulous Festmeister Hans Baumgaertner. As Heino! says, let ze gut times rrroooollll!

2013 is our 46th consecutive Oktoberfest celebration which has been chosen by USA Today as “one of the best Oktoberfests in the world!”

Notes & Info:

DESIGNATED DRIVER PROGRAM: The Alpine Village seeks to encourage responsible drinking in all of its business units. This designated driver program is part of the plan to encourage our patrons to plan for a safe, sober ride home after the event. Designated drivers can purchase special tickets online or at the gate for which they receive complimentary beverages (every day). The designated drivers must agree to the following:
They will not consume any alcoholic beverage at or immediately before the event. If they do so, they will be asked to leave the event.
They must have a valid drivers license and present the drivers license at the entrance
They certify that they are driving home at least one other person who is attending the event
Designated driver tickets are non-transferrable

Designated drivers will be identified by a special neon green armband. They will also be given the wristband at the entrance gate once they have demonstrated to Alpine staff that they have a valid drivers license and are not under the influence at the time of entry.
GLASSWARE: Due to safety concerns, no glass will be allowed inside the tent on Friday and Saturday night. Thank you for your cooperation!

DRINKING VESSELS: You can bring your own cup, stein, vase, tupperware or other drinking vessel to Oktoberfest as long as it doesn’t shard (like glass) and/or doesn’t have high potential to break into sharp pieces. Please note that at Oktoberfest we will not fill your stein directly. We sell our bier in 16 oz. sizes and you can then pour the bier into your chosen drinking vessel.

NO IN & OUT: Once you enter Oktoberfest you may not leave and re-enter. This necessary policy helps us control crowds and safety in the event and there are no exceptions. Please leave any personal items you may not want in your vehicle and please arrange to meet your friends inside the event.

TABLE RESERVATIONS: The Alpine Village does not reserve tables at Oktoberfest. Table space can be claimed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

TICKETS cost $10 on Friday & Saturday nights in weeks 1-3 (September 7 to September 22) and $20 on Friday and Saturday nights for the remainder of the event, weeks 4-8 (September 28 to October 27). Sunday tickets are $5;  kids 12 and under enter free on Sundays as do revelers dressed in dirndls or lederhosen.

COUPONS are not accepted at Oktoberfest. All coupons in existence are either counterfeit or were printed for use in prior year events. DO NOT PURCHASE A COUPON FROM A COUNTERFEITER OR SCALPER. The coupon you bought will NOT be honored.

AGE RESTRICTIONS: Sunday is an all-ages event; On Friday and Saturday you must be 21 years or older to enter Oktoberfest. All valid ID’s are accepted provided we can read them and verify their authenticity.

PARKING: is completely free though it is impacted. Arrive early for easy parking and, please, be kind to your fellow revelers.